• Foundry

  • The SAP.iO Foundries are a global network of top-tier startup programs, including accelerators, that help startups build innovative software and deliver high value for customers.

  • SAP.iO Foundry programs tailored mentorship, access to SAP APIs, access to SAP technologies, and opportunites for exposure to SAP customers.

  • Current SAP.iO Foundries are in major startup hubs, including Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York City, and San Francisco.

  • San Francisco

    The March 2018 cohort is focused on driving the Intelligent Enterprise, leveraging emerging technologies including but not limited to: AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

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  • Berlin

  • Focusing on early-stage startups leveraging innovations in Digital Manufacturing, Digital Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things for Manufacturing Industries, the SAP Industry 4.0 program offers intensive mentorship over the course of 6-weeks and is located in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte. The program starts on May 28, 2018.

    Over the course of 6 weeks, startups will accelerate their growth by leveraging SAP Data, APIs, and Plattform Technologies.​

    The program starts at the end of May 2018.

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    • The SAP.iO Foundry, Powered by Techstars Accelerator is focused on Machine Learning startups in the B2B SaaS space that would benefit from working with SAP's 350,000 customers across nearly every enterprise vertical. The program runs in Berlin Sept 10th - Dec 4th 2018. We're looking for visionary startups that are audacious, pioneering and building innovative software applications to help the world run better.

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  • New York

    The first SAP.iO NY Foundry starts April 2018. Focusing on women led start-ups in the Enterprise SaaS space, The NYC Foundry will be located at SAP’s Leonardo Center in Midtown Manhattan.

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  • Tel Aviv

    In partnership with The Junction, one of Tel Aviv’s leading accelerators providing 6 months of deep mentorship for selected startups, with themes including: cybersecurity, infrastructure & platforms, and messaging.

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  • Paris

    Signaling its continued support for France, SAP estimates a more than €2 billion spend over five years, intended to accelerate the company’s fast growth in the cloud and advance a technology community focused on machine learning (ML), blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and software as a service (SaaS). Read the Press Release.

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Our Graduates

  • Career Lark

    CareerLark provides an alternative to the traditional annual review process with continuous feedback that helps employees improve in real-time, increasing productivity and engagement.

  • Simularity

    Simularity is an enterprise-grade predictive analytics software company, applying AI and machine learning on edge devices in IoT.

  • InteriMarket

    InteriMarket is a Talent Management Platform helping employers hire, evaluate, and retain great talent in the growing gig economy.

  • Hexa

    Hexa aims to build financial infrastructure for emerging economies that need digital payment solutions (positioned as an Alipay for emerging country economies).

  • Instapio

    Instapio transforms signal metadata from smart devices into location based consumer intelligence from the physical world.

  • CartaHealth

Health provides uses AI to predict patient flow and streamline patient experience and healthcare operations in hospitals and clinics.

  • Control

    Control tackles aggregated payment and transaction analytics in real- time without coding across multiple payment gateways (positioned as “Mint for SMBs)”.

  • Green Deck

    Green Deck is an Indian “pricing-as-a-Service” startup that offers a dynamic pricing engine that helps ecommerce businesses and gaming companies sell at higher profits using dynamic individual customer specific prices.

  • SensifAI

    Offers deep learning technology in machine vision and audio processing to develop an automatic video semantic recognizer for large-scale automatic multi-media management.

  • Wise Athena

    Leverages artificial intelligence to help CPG companies predict the right price in just one click. Wise Athena has reimagined every pricing element to create a precise, affordable and easy-to-use tool that redefines the future of pricing for CPGs.

  • Refine AI

    Offers a market research platform for video content creators. It leverages Computer Vision and Deep Learning to measure the emotions evoked in any video without the need for a lab environment.

  • SustAnalyze

    Accelerates materials- and process innovation using unique digital analytics and collaboration technology that improves financial performance, reduces environmental impact and boosts brand value for materials, manufacturers and brand owners.

  • Bewgle

    Analyzes user needs and matches these to peer experiences. The solution leverages prior experiences that are captured using a proprietary model which enables Bewgle to give a personalized recommendation using machine learning specifically based on the individual needs.

  • Gtmhub

    Helps companies improve their performance by setting and managing goals according to the OKR methodology. Businesses can access, analyze and visualize real-time data from any data source or business system and map this to the OKRs.


    Provides customer service automation using deep learning models that are built for enterprise level customer support. Ultimate.Ai is already integrated with SAP in Finland.

  • Teamscope

    Relies on data science to help build high-performing teams. They combine big data analysis with scientific testing methods to profile each team member, and use that data to predict how they would function together as a team.

  • offers an artificial intelligence and Machine Learning driven bot for hospital assistance which takes over all high volume repetitive tasks allowing more time for clinical work in hospital and better patient care.

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