• Venture Studio

  • The SAP.iO Venture Studio launches new ventures that tap into SAP’s data, technologies, and customer relationships. Our team provides hands on design, development, and sales capabilities to build products that attack some of the biggest problems in enterprise software.

  • Living Wall Living Wall Living Wall
  • Ada by Ruum Living Wall
  • Our Portfolio

    • A simple, shared workspace to master your projects.

    • done_all

      All tasks, files, and emails in one place

    • group_add

      Work with your customers and virtual account teams

    • photo_filter

      Best practice close plans and custom templates

    • extension

      Integrates with your existing tools (Office, Salesforce, SAP, & more)

  • Ruum
  • Atlas by SAP
    • Atlas is the geospatial analytics platform built for you to make data-driven decisions

    • near_me

      Work with diverse data sets without the hassle of managing complex data transformation and ingestion.

    • assessment

      Secure insights without requiring the help of geospatial software engineers.

    • map

      Score any geography with custom-defined criteria, perform similarity searches, or run predictive analyses.

    • face

      Our precise foot traffic provides you with comprehensive demographic profiling of location visitors.

    • Flexible and transparent financing for small and medium businesses.

    • account_balance

      Lenders use audited Ariba transaction data to augment traditional credit worthiness analysis

    • credit_card

      Variety of financial products from lines of credit to term loans

    • attach_money

      Finance working capital or expansion projects

    • store_mall_directory

      Serving small and medium businesses

  • Apparent Finance
  • Our Team

  • Maxwell Wessel

    Maxwell Wessel

    General Manager

  • Lucia Melgarejo

    Lucia Melgarejo


  • Marcus Krug, PhD

    Marcus Krug, PhD


  • Chris Allen

    Chris Allen


  • Steve Winkler

    Steve Winkler


  • Katja Kolmetz

    Katja Kolmetz

    Communications & Marketing

  • Anita Kuban

    Anita Kuban

    Operations, Intrapreneurship

  • Gennadi Rabinovitch

    Gennadi Rabinovitch

    Program Management, Intrapreneurship

  • Joshua Meadon

    Joshua Meadon

    Ecosystem, Intrapreneurship

  • Catherine Girardin

    Catherine Girardin

    Education, Intrapreneurship

  • Vadym Zhernovoi

    Vadym Zhernovoi

    Investment, Intrapreneurship

  • Wendy Tam

    Wendy Tam


  • Tom Grek

    Tom Grek


  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    One Billion Lives

  • Nikki Helmer

    Nikki Helmer

    Data Science

  • Brittany Lothe

    Brittany Lothe

    Venture Operations

  • Damien Murphy

    Damien Murphy


  • Annika Schneider

    Annika Schneider


  • Jianrong Yu

    Jianrong Yu


  • Ravina Singh

    Ravina Singh


  • Ryan Phillips

    Ryan Phillips

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Phil Orr

    Phil Orr

    Strategy & Finance

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